10 reasons why you should visit the Wiesn in Munich

Intro: “Das Oktoberfest”, called the Wiesn belong natives, is one of the greatest beer festival in the world. Every year from late September till early October round about 5 million people visit the festival venue at the Theresienwiese in the middle of Munich (München).

1. You can get to know people from all over the world. Japanese, Russians, Scandinavians, Italians, Americans, Chinese are visiting the Wiesn.

2. You can drink one of the best beer in the world. The “Weißbier” have been produced by the original Bavarian “Reinheitsgebot” since 1516 (more infos: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Reinheitsgebot )

3. You can experience the amazing cosy atmosphere in a Wiesn tent.

4. You can eat original Bavarian food, like pork hock, veal sausages and of course Apfelstrudel.

5. You can get to know some international VIPs like, Arnold Schwarzenegger, who visits the Wiesn almost every year.

6. You can ride wild rollercoaster and carousels

7. You can see great traditional Dirndl costumes.

8. You can flirt with everyone easily.

9. You can take the tram to Munich City and see the historic inner city

10. You can visit the wild After-Wiesn parties in the Night Clubs of Munich (P1, Baby, Drella or Heart)





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