Review: The Julia Stoschek Collection

Review: In the middle of Oberkassel, a suburb of Düsseldorf, you will find the Julia Stoschek Collection (JSC) in a modernised factory building with two exhibition floors with a total of 2,500 m² for public shows. Since 2007 the international private collection sets a focus on on time-based media art. Further more the Julia Stoschek Collection … More Review: The Julia Stoschek Collection

Review of the Gerhard Richter interview: In art we find beauty and comfort

Review: In his latest interview with the Danish museum Lousiana, Gerhard Richter talks about the fascination of coincidence, as in his opinion, almost everything is random – how we came about, where we are born and that we are born in Europe and not in Africa. Richter points out, that we have to deal with … More Review of the Gerhard Richter interview: In art we find beauty and comfort

Knigge – Niminy-Piminy or Philosphy?

Knigge – now it is getting niminy-piminy. At least it’s what everyone thinks when they hear the name of Freiherr Adolph Knigge (1752-1796), a German nobleman and author of the book “Über den Umgang mit Menschen” (in English: “On Human Relations”). But everything than finicking was he himself and he disapproved etiquette as defined by a certain … More Knigge – Niminy-Piminy or Philosphy?

David LaChapelle // ARA Modern Art Museum, Seoul

From 19th November 2016 until 26th February 2017 David LaChapelle’s exhibition Inscape of Beauty is shown at the ARA Modern Art Museum in Seoul. LaChapelle started his career in the 1980’s and became famous for his hyper-realistic photographic style, that is combined with social messages and art historical references. He worked for magazines like Interview, Vogue, Vanity Fair, GQ or Rolling Stone. The exhibition Inscape of Beauty is an all-embracing … More David LaChapelle // ARA Modern Art Museum, Seoul