David LaChapelle // ARA Modern Art Museum, Seoul

From 19th November 2016 until 26th February 2017 David LaChapelle’s exhibition Inscape of Beauty is shown at the ARA Modern Art Museum in Seoul. LaChapelle started his career in the 1980’s and became famous for his hyper-realistic photographic style, that is combined with social messages and art historical references. He worked for magazines like InterviewVogueVanity FairGQ or Rolling Stone. The exhibition Inscape of Beauty is an all-embracing retrospective of LaChapelle’s work and is divided into several parts: Pop, Rebirth of Venus, Cinema Room, Desire, Landscape, Deluge and Still Life. Pop shows the artist’s early fine artworks and images of personalities like Lil’Kim, Elton John, Madonna, Eminem and many more. Rebirth of Venus shows his pure perspective on human beings and includes nude artworks of Amanda Lepore, Naomi Campbell and Pamela Anderson. Films and music videos are screened in the Cinema Room. The exhibition also deals with the endless Desire of man and presents one of LaChapelle’s most recent works called Land Scape. Next to his Renaissance inspired masterpieces Deluge and Aristocracy the series Still Life addresses the fragility and ephemerality of fame and power. Inscape of Beauty is David LaChapelle’s third solo exhibition in Korea and includes over 180 pieces of art.


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