Review: The Julia Stoschek Collection


In the middle of Oberkassel, a suburb of Düsseldorf, you will find the Julia Stoschek Collection (JSC) in a modernised factory building with two exhibition floors with a total of 2,500 m² for public shows.

Since 2007 the international private collection sets a focus on on time-based media art. Further more the Julia Stoschek Collection comprises installations, videos, photographs and sculptures. Expanding the collection, restoration and conservation work of the media art are also core tasks of the collection.

Once a year the JSC team organizes an exhibition with a selected theme which has a chronological identification (Number 1, Number 2, Number 3 etc…). Every exhibition has an large accompanying programme with a preview, academic analyses, art-historical talks and individual cinema show compilation (Studio 54). At the moment Number 13 – The Factory Of The Sun & Missed Connections – has the turn.

julia-stoschekSource: Photo by Friedrich von Roesgen


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