Charles Pétillon at Magda Danysz Gallery / Paris

When thinking about Charles Pétillon, there is one prominent image, that will come to everyone’s mind – countless clusters of white balloons. No matter if you ask your friends in London, Lille, Shanghai or Sicilly – Pétillon is the mastermind of balloon installations all over the planet. In his series Invasions the photographer placed hundreds of these white oxygen-filled balls in spaces like playgrounds, abandoned houses, garages or forests. He uses the material to imitate CO2, in order to reflect the role of the car as an object of desire and an metaphor for the excess in our everyday life. He also symbolizes a family’s memories with the balloons or shows the process of mutation in an natural landscape.

Charles Pétillon’s first public installation was presented last year, in the 19th century market building Covent Garden. 100,000 giant white balloons were illuminated with gentle pulsating lights to symbolize the heartbeat of the district and to create a connection between past and present.

Until 21st January, Pétillion’s photographies are exhibited at the Magda Danysz Gallery in Paris. Besides them, visitors also have the chance to see his latest balloon installation, that was specially designed for the gallery space.



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