Review: Kingsman (2014) is almost the new James Bond

The Kingsman: The Secret Service is an English action film directed by Matthew Vaughan and it was published in 2014. The film is about the Kingsman Harry „Galahad“ Hart (Colin Firth), who drills Gary „Eggsy“ Unwin (Taron Egerton) to become a Kingsman Agent, too. At the end of his training he has to stop the villain Richmond Valentine (Samuel Jackson), who wants to kill the civil humanity except a selected elite.

The plot is thrilling and dynamic at all. The dialogues are funny but some action scenes are too hectic in phases and so they destroy the story line (7/10).
The costumes and special effects are very authentic for a Savile Row Secret Service and the suits of the Kingsmen have a perfect fit (10/10).
The actor ensemble plays very well together. The performance of Colin Firth as Harry Hart is awesome. Taron Egerton’s performance as the young Kingsman Eggsy is okay but improvable & Samual Jackson embodies the funny villain Valentine in his own unique way (8/10).
Conclusion: If you are interested in agent and James Bond movies, you will have fun to watch this movie (25/30).



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