Review: Professor Love (2014) with Pierce Brosnan

“Some Kind of Beautiful” or “Professor Love” is an American Comedy directed by Tom Vaughan and it was published in 2014. The movie is about the English literature Professor Richard (Pierce Brosnan), who moves from intellectual England to the sunny Los Angeles due to his pregnant American girlfriend Kate (Jessica Alba). But Kate gets to know a new man soon and breaks up with Richard. Fortunately he falls in love with Kate’s beautiful sister Olivia (Salma Hayek).

The plot is very entertaining and funny at all. All dialogues are on point and the story line is logical but there is a small lack of deepness (8/10).
The costumes and special effects are very authentic for the preppy English lifestyle and the sunny California. The pictures of the Mexican borderland are remarkable (10/10).
The actor ensemble plays very well together. The performance of Pierce Brosnan as Richard is awesome. Jessica Alba knows how to play the sweet American student and Salma Hayak embodies the attractive author Olivia in a perfect way (10/10).
Conclusion: If you are interested in comedies and a fan of Pierce Brosnan, you have to watch this funny movie (28/30).





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