What about having dinner at Château de Versailles?

When visiting Versailles, nearly everyone of us has a little dream that usually rarely comes true – having the palace for one’s own – if only for a few minutes. Now there’s a chance, to let this dream become reality! Alain Ducasse, mastermind of haute cuisine and Richard Geoffrey, cellar master of Dom Pérignon are inviting to a unique dining experience. In September 2016, Ducasse opened his restaurant Ore – located in Pavillon Dufour, which is the left wing in the so called Cour royale. This neoclassical part of the building was designed by Napoleon and is now used as an entrance. The experience starts at nightfall, when the last visitors have left the Château and includes a very special Prélude: A little tour through the empty palace! The menu of the following dinner is inspired by historical recipes, combined with elements of contemporary French cuisine. Dom Pérignon accompanies the experience with it’s highly sophisticated Second Plenitude – P2 1998.

Get more information here: https://www.domperignon.com/ww-en/champagne/news/p2-ultimate-experience-chateau-de-versailles

Source: www.instagram.com/domperignonofficial


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