The last example is the most important one for The Sophisticated Flirt Guide. The human communication is running conscious or unconscious quite often faultily because the receiver misinterprets the message.
Two famous communication scientists have analyzed the errors in the human communication process.

The communication axioms: Professor Paul Watzlawick researched the fundamental communication mechanisms.
He discovered that there exists 5 basic law (5 axioms), which coordinate human communication.
These axioms will be presented in a adapted form for the flirt communication.

1.”You cannot not communicate” means that there is no anti-behaviour. Everything what we do oder don’t do, what we say or what we aren’t say, what we wear or what we don’t wear describes our personality and our relationship towards other.

2. „Every communication has a content and relationship aspect such that the latter classifies the former and is therefore a metacommunication“ means that our relationship towards our counterpart defines the topics of the conversation. We discuss and we behave differently towards our parents, our friends and towards our partner.


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