The first positive energy drinking water

Two friends, from Monaco and Switzerland, created the first positive energy drinking water. Same as many researches, educationalists and spiritual leaders, they believed that water, could react to emotional “energies” and “vibrations” and change its physical structure. The Royal Source Water, RS, is a purest still water coming from one of the best eco-friendly sources of the world, close to Rome, Italy. Once bottled, it is then exposed to a special soundtrack, which “surrounds” it with the energy of health, peace love and youth. No chemicals or other substances added, and it costs exactly same as any other quality drinking water. This water is a placebo for one and an important daily ritual for others, to convince is not the aim. Princess Karina Bagration, a BA of Alternative Medicine, agreed to become a Brand Ambassadress of The Royal Source Water and accepted to include it into her daily drinking routine. The first collection was successfully sold and now the company searches for partnership worldwide.

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