Dear reader, below you will find selected Instagram accounts of sophisticated male fashion – true to our philosophy “We value quality, not only like numbers”.


Adam Gallagher is the embodiment of the modern dapper gentleman. With tie or without – it doesn’t matter as long you wear your attire with pride.

Know what this coat is made out of? Boyfriend material. full look: @suitsupply #suitsupply ✔️🐪 photos: @npierce88

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2. Gentleman’s Gazette

Probably the best source of inspiring classic Men Style: Gentleman’s Gazette. Founded by Sven Raphael Schneider, Gentleman’s Gazette wants to help men to be gentlemen and look the part. It is not only about fashion but about distinguished lifestyle, too.

A classic look. How do you feel about this? @gui_bo
#classicstyle #outfitinspiration #dressedtoimpress #classymen #menoftaste

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Talking about sophisticated men’s fashion you almost cannot miss Johannes Huebl. His gentleman Instagram compilation is rife with understatement:

Attended @godslovenyc #goldenheartawards last night. Terrific organization 🙏🏼

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4. Diego aka Dandy in the Bronx

Dandy in the Bronx was founded in 2014 to express Diego’s love for Men’s Fashion. He might by far not be as popular as the other gentlemen around here but his eye for details is possibly record-breaking.


5. Harvey Specter

Though Harvey Specter is an TV character played by Gabriel Macht in the series ‘Suits’, he is still more than only mentionable. Have you ever seen someone looking better in a suit by Tom Ford?


6. Luca Rubinacci

Wearing classic men’s wear does not mean that you have to appear laboured. The living proof: Luca Rubinacci, a more than talented creative director, tailor and business man from Naples:


7. Christian Bendek

At least one serious Street Style Blogger is brave enough to show his true color. Christian Bendek, the self proclaimed “Caribbean King” is probably the only man beside David Hasselhoff who looks (really) good in a neon red speedo as well as in a classic suit or a eye-catching patterned hoodie.

In stark contrast ⚫️⚪️ #ArmCandy by @Autobahnlife #dolcegabbana #DGGentlemen #Menstyle 🗽 #ad

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8. theoblix

Nordic by nature. Theodor Blix from Norway is a tall and fair-haired guy who’s passion is knitwear – obviously. Follow him hunting, sailing and travelling – always perfectly dressed. By the way – did you realize that he could be the brother of Legolas?

✖️Strolling around in my camel coat ✖️ #jlindeberg #mylondon

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9. mosbowsmemphis

This young fella is truly inspiring. As he had troubles to find cool and fun bowties, Moziah Bridges started to make and sell his own – back in 2011 when he was only 9 years old. His style is remarkable considering that he is now only 14 years old and dressing like a grown-up businessman.

"I think a hero is any person really intent on making this a better place for all people." – #MayaAngelou

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MEEKAY is a man as taken from the picture-book. The bearded, green-eyed model stands between carelessly dressed and rockabilly. He’s the well groomed lumberjack with the melting gaze.