Dear reader, below you will find selected Instagram accounts of sophisticated cats – true to our philosophy “We value quality, not only like numbers”.


Choupette is “The Aristocat” spoiled by her daddy the fashion icon Karl Lagerfeld. Her blue eyes are like wonderful Sapphires and her white fur is marvelous. On her Instagram profile you can take part in her stunning life in Paris. So we highly suggest to follow her:



The White Tiger Foundation rescues hundreds of wildcats every year and help them to live in a secure home area …more than a sophisticated project. So we suggest to follow them:

Esta es mi cara cuando me doy cuenta que por fin es viernes!!! Disfruten su fin de semana y les tengo más contenido para toooodo el fin, disculpen la ausencia pero el trabajo me trae como loca, les mando un fuerte abrazo! 💙❤💚✨ || This is my face when I realized today is Friday! I'm sorry about my posts, i haven't been here for a while because I have been incredible busy with my Job, I send you all a big hug and this photo is for my beautiful sis @ayrtonmexicofan who loves this cutie! ❤ Photo by @blackjaguarwhitetiger #babyayrtonbjwt #ayrtonbjwt #love #cute #Brazil #blackjaguarwhitetiger #saveourplanet #ayrtonsenna #savelions #elpoderdelamor #notpets #rescuedlions #BEHUMAN #NoSonMascotas #BlackJaguarWhiteTiger #bjwt #amoranimal #león #leones #rescuedlion #wildanimals #itsallforlove #saveourplanet #animales #fundacionmexicana #allyouneedislove #Istand4bjwt #mexicanserengeti #FelinesLover

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The sis.twins (Iriss&Abyss) are two white twin sister cats with heterochromic eyes from Russia. On her Instagram you can see sharp brilliant pictures of her fabulous life. So we suggest to follow them:

Many of you guys ask us how do we take care of our beautiful girls! So here are some answers😉 We feed them only with premium holistic nutrition. Dry food and canned goods also. Only natural ingredients and more than 90% of natural meat! Berkley, GO!, Alma Nature are our favorites. But we advise you to consult your vet in the question of nutrition. As for their crispy white fur we use Anju Beaute shampoo for white fur. It can seem a bit expensive, but the result is awesome! If you buy all the best for yourselves never save on your pets! ——————————————– Многие спрашивают нас, как мы заботимся о наших девочках? И как удается поддерживать их красоту и здоровье? Расскажем всё, как есть!😉 Только высококачественные холистик-корма с содержанием мяса более 90%. Это относится как к сухому корму, так и к консервированному. Berkley, GO!, Alma Nature – наши фавориты. Но все же проконсультируйтесь с вашим ветеринаром в выборе кормов. За белоснежность шерсти отвечает шампунь Anju Beaute. Многим он покажется дорогим, но эффект после него потрясающий. А еще он пахнет ромашками!! А самое главное, что во всем этом нам помогает @petshop_ru! Всегда в срок, все в наличии! Пользуемся уже 3 года (предыдущую котейку тоже обеспечивали оттуда)! Спасибо вам за это! Наше вам общее белоснежное, здоровенькое "МЯУ"! #sistwinization ——————————————–

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Professor Pouncey  is beautiful Bengal Cat. The photos and the videos of her Instagram account are just stunning. So we highly suggest to follow her:

Keeping warm by the fire

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The Instagram photos of Didga by its owner Robert Dollwet are great. On Youtube Catmanntoo is a big hit, too.  So we suggest to follow him:

I have what? 😬 Cat at da-beach 🦀🦀🦀 Boomer

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The Instagram account of Artemis and Apollo, two highly spoiled Maine Coons, is awesome. The photos of their cosmopolitan life and offbeat adventures are stunning. So we suggest to follow them on Instagram:



Simba is a wonderful colored Bengal Cat. The photos on her Instagram account are sophisticated and stunning. So we suggest to follow her:

Kiss my nose 😽

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Smoothie the cat is a beautiful female British Longhair. On her account you can see wonderful pictures & videos of her daily cat life adventures….really cute. So we suggest to follow her on Instagram :

…Really though?

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